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In the last 12 months, RELD property have received offers in excess of £300m for development, most of that land did not have planning. We have access to developers for a range of scenarios including residential, commercial, leisure and renewable.


Many land owners would like to unlock development value from their land, but don’t know where to start, who to talk to or have the finances to seek planning themselves. This is where RELD and our partners come in. 


RELD will look into the short, medium & long term prospects of your land. Land owners engage with RELD on a “success only” basis, meaning the only costs to a landowner come if we unlock the development potential of your land.

Promoting Land

RELD then promote the land to our and our partners pre-qualified development framework and tender offers on a conditional basis. Terms and conditions vary from site to site, but it’s typical for a developer to offer subject to them achieving planning and for both parties to sign into an agreement for the developer to purchase for a set price in a set timescale. Developers may also offer an upfront deposit to “sweeten” the deal.


Working collaboratively with our chosen firms, we  can make the whole transaction calm, simple and crystal clear. Our partners almost exclusively represent developers while RELD represent you the land owner, and give you the best advice for your situation and desired outcome.


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