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**The Rise of the Staycation: How UK Homeowners Can Benefit**

Posted by RELD on September 25, 2023

**The Rise of the Staycation: How UK Homeowners Can Benefit**


The allure of foreign shores has always been tempting, but recent times have seen a significant shift in travel trends. The ‘staycation’, or holidaying within one’s own country, has seen a meteoric rise in the UK. With the beauty of the British countryside, the charm of coastal towns, and the rich tapestry of history and culture, it’s no wonder Brits are choosing to explore their homeland. But what does this mean for homeowners, especially those with a bit of land? Let’s delve into the opportunities the staycation trend presents and how you can benefit.


**Staycation: Why the Surge?**

Several factors have contributed to the rise of the staycation. Economic considerations, travel restrictions, and a renewed appreciation for local beauty have made many reconsider their holiday choices. Moreover, the convenience, familiarity, and flexibility of holidaying closer to home have added to its appeal.


**Opportunities for Homeowners**:

If you own property, especially with some outdoor space, the staycation trend offers a plethora of opportunities.


  1. **Holiday Lets**: Convert a part of your home or an outbuilding into a holiday let. With the demand for local holiday spots on the rise, this can be a lucrative venture.


  1. **Camping and Glamping**: If you have a spacious garden or a field, consider setting up camping or glamping spots. The allure of the outdoors, especially in scenic locations, can attract a steady stream of holidaymakers.


  1. **Experiences and Retreats**: Offer themed experiences. Whether it’s a wellness retreat, a historical weekend, or a culinary experience, curated holidays are in demand.


  1. **Local Tours**: Partner with local businesses or artisans and offer tours. From historical walks to cheese-making workshops, the possibilities are endless.


**The Caravan Act – Paragraph 5: A Game-Changer**:

One of the lesser-known but highly beneficial provisions for homeowners is Paragraph 5 of the Caravan Act. This allows the use of land for any purpose for up to 28 days without the need for planning consent. For property owners, this is a golden opportunity.


– **Short-term Camping**: Use your land for short-term camping ventures. With the Caravan Act, you can set up temporary camping spots without the hassle of planning permissions.


– **Pop-up Events**: Consider hosting themed weekends or pop-up events. From literary festivals to artisanal markets, the 28-day provision allows you to experiment with different ventures.


– **Caravan Spots**: Offer spots for caravans or motorhomes. With the rise of caravan holidays, this can be a steady income source.


It’s essential, however, to ensure you adhere to the 28-day limit and are aware of any other local regulations.


**In Conclusion**:

The rise of the staycation is not just a trend; it’s a testament to the beauty and diversity of the UK. For homeowners, it presents a unique opportunity to tap into this market, offering experiences, accommodations, and memories. With provisions like the Caravan Act making ventures more accessible, there’s never been a better time to explore the potential of your property.


So, as the UK rediscovers its charm and travellers seek out local gems, why not be a part of their journey? Here’s to embracing the staycation wave and making the most of the opportunities it presents. Happy hosting!

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