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Commission: Secure a competitive rate of 1.2% (inclusive of VAT) of the final sale price, subject to a minimum fee of £3,000.

Marketing Fee: Opt for a £420 (inclusive of VAT) fee, payable upon sale completion or property withdrawal, or enjoy a reduced rate of £330 (inclusive of VAT) when choosing to pay this fee upfront.

360 Virtual Tours: Enhance your listing with our 360 virtual tours, available at an additional £120 (inclusive of VAT) per dwelling.

Once fees are settled, all marketing materials are yours to reuse, safeguarding your investment and ensuring continuous value, even if your plans evolve in the future


Unrivalled Expertise: Deep understanding of unique properties.
Innovative Marketing: Pioneering strategies seldom found elsewhere.
Holistic Selling: A comprehensive approach to the selling process.
Absolute Transparency: Unwavering clarity in all our actions.
Always Here: Available 7 days a week, whenever you need us.
Enhanced Social Media Presence: Our marketing generates 400% more enquiries than Rightmove.
Bespoke Services: Tailored conveyancing and lending options for complex properties.
In-depth Knowledge: Proficient understanding of complex property topics, especially those with land.
Leaders in Social Media: We own and operate the largest social media groups in the country for specialist homes.
Extensive Network: Part of a vast network of thousands of agents, we assist with homes and buyers beyond our brand.
Performance Monitoring: Our social media marketing is proven to be over twice as effective as our competitors.


Choosing RELD Property means selecting a partner who navigates through the complexities of the property journey with unmatched expertise, innovation, and a client-focused approach, ensuring every step is seamless and successful.”

This expanded rewrite incorporates the additional points about owning and running the largest social media groups for specialist homes, being part of a wide network of agents, and the effectiveness of social media marketing, further emphasizing the unique strengths and capabilities of RELD Property.

At RELD Property, our contracts are straightforward and fair, requiring merely 30 days’ notice to cancel, which means we could be acting on your behalf for as little as 30 days. We shun lengthy, manipulative contracts, and our terms showcase our confidence in our abilities. Moreover, we’re happy to collaborate with other agents through a joint agency approach, as we believe homeowners should steer their sale. We strive to offer utmost flexibility to put you in control.


Intrigued? Contact us! We’ll gladly share our terms with you, with no obligations attached

RELD Property Can Still Assist!

Whether working independently on a sole agency basis or alongside other agencies, we’re here to help with no increase in our fees. We can collaborate jointly, sharing fees with your current agent, or work competitively, with only the successful selling agent earning the commission. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the best outcome for you, ensuring our approach is always flexible and fair to meet your needs

RELD Property Can Still Assist!

Being part of a network of thousands of agents across the UK, all selected for their sustained success and exemplary service, ensures that even if your home doesn’t align with our brand, we can collaborate with your local agent. This partnership enables us to assist you in selling your home and aids in finding a property that more closely matches our typical home profile.


With RELD Property, you gain access to a wide-reaching, proficient network dedicated to facilitating your property journey

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